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Email Marketing makes customers aware of new products and services through email. We do this through automated email to target customers. Our company’s email marketing services assist clients to fit their business needs. Our team of experts write professional emails to the target customers. This advances the marketing campaign for you.

87% of B2B and 79% of B2C companies use email-affiliated marketing for product or service promotion. So, our digital marketers follow the professional and contemporary pattern of this marketing. We do this to convert customer leads. We collect email addresses from our customers. Then, we send targeted emails on specific criteria.

This form of marketing is also crucial to boost a business. The targeted email lists are made to estimate the potential buyers of a product or service. We send customized messages to targeted customers. We ensure that you get better returns from our services.

Ultra Corporate Pixel helps you with any kind of email marketing services. We have a proven track record of delivering digital marketing services. Also, our team consists of seasoned digital marketers and website developers. They sort out targeted email lists and determine the relevant clients.

Importance of Email Marketing for Your Business

The importance of email marketing in today's digital marketing scenario is:

  1. Staying in Contact with Relevant Audience: Email marketing services inform customers of any new product or service. Our experienced online marketers determine the specific demographics. That maximises the chance of sales of your company.
  2. Reaching Customers in Real-time: This form of marketing is also essential for the online promotion of a product or service. A client can check email at any time from any device. So, our team conducts email affiliate marketing. This connects with your potential business customers. 
  3. Affordability: It is an affordable method of digital marketing. You can reach a large number of target customers in a short span. You get CC and BCC options on email sending options to send mail to many customers.
  4. Assists in Targeted Messaging: We also create targeted email lists through this process. This nurtures the potential leads of customers. We will provide an opt-in offer. With this, we give you written information on the product. A landing page is mandatory for a lead generation campaign. We offer the best email marketing to target customers. Correct audiences give you a higher chance of email response rates. 
  5. Increasing Brand Awareness: It improves a product’s brand awareness for a small business. Our programming experts analyze the specific clients for this process. Those clients show interest in purchasing a product or service. Regular email affiliate marketing helps your company increase the visibility of your company. It also highlights your company's newly launched service. We examine the success of email marketing by monitoring options. Those options are unsubscribe, bounce, delivery, and click-through. 
  6. Ensuring Information on Time: Timing is a key aspect of this marketing. Our team chooses festive seasons to promote a service by providing discounts. Email affiliate marketing during those seasons, in general, generates sales leads. 
  7. Enhancing Website Traffic: This type of marketing is a successful tool for attracting new customers. It also retains the existing customers. So, automated marketing emails make an impact in increasing website traffic. Our team attaches an embedded link with promotional written text. We do this to drive customers to sign up for our company’s services. So, the target clients visit a specific website of their choice. 

Why Choose Ultra Corporate Pixel for Email Marketing?

You get these facilities from our email marketing services: 

  1. Sufficient Expertise and Experience: We have an experienced team of content marketing professionals. They handle email marketing procedures. We also analyze specific customers on their activities with our services. 
  2. Customized Solutions:  We also provide customized solutions to our clients. You get a higher Return on Investment (ROI) from email affiliate marketing. Our company evaluates the business needs of our clients. Then, we decide on your email marketing procedures. 
  3. Transparency: We communicate with our clients regarding our services with transparency. We also discuss the fees required to fulfill the client's needs. We also provide detailed reports to our clients. We evaluate the progress of email marketing campaigns through this. 
  4. Proven Track Record: We have a positive track record of delivering business needs to our clients. We provide our services to any kind of company. You can check our clients’ stories on our website. 
  5. Tailored Strategies: Our team applies the strategy of personalized messaging. This is an important feature of email-affiliated marketing. We evaluate potential clients through customer data for a business. Then, we forward the emails after a proper examination. 

Your Benefits from Our Email Marketing Services

You get the best email marketing services from us. And, they are:

  1. Sending of Welcome Emails: This email marketing service serves as a unique facility. It is essential in attracting relevant customers. This gives a boost to our email marketing services. This presents a sense of personal touch between us and our clients. It is crucial to build a personal relationship with our clients. This bonding is important before proceeding with product sales.
  2. Email Newsletters: We also assist our business clients in sending email newsletters. Email affiliate marketing is a fantastic tool for educating clients. Clients get to know about product or service benefits through this. This encourages the clients to subscribe to your website. 
  3. Dedicated Emails: We also assist in sending dedicated emails. They are crucial as a part of email marketing. We fix a target email list for a client’s business objectives. Then, we send a white paper based on the newly launched service. 
  4. Lead Nurturing Emails: We define the buyer personas in this type of service. Then, we ensure that it reaches the specific audience. Our content marketing experts send automated emails to the target customers. Also, our team generates leads with a high response rate.
  5. Sponsorship Emails: Personalized emails contribute a lot to this particular email marketing service. Here, we ensure that our client reaches a separate audience for its business service. We use different techniques to get the best results. These are pay-per-click and display advertising. Our experts know HTML and CSS programming languages to help you more. 

Our Email Marketing Service Processes

Some of our email marketing approaches are the following:

  1. Cleaning the Email List: We sort out and remove the unnecessary email IDs from the database. We select the unengaged contacts. And then, we remove them from the email list. 
  2. Optimization of CTAs: We optimize the CTAs (call-to-action) of our client’s websites. We study the frequency of their website visits. We use strong verbs in email marketing like Buy, Download or Shop to get more customers. 
  3. Sharing of User-Generated Content: This marketing service communicates with the clients through photos, videos, and reviews. These benefit a business service with proper communication. And, this boosts click-through conversion rates.
  4. Usage of Social Media: We use various social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn for email marketing. We include CTAs in personalized email marketing while sharing the email content on social media.

Ultra Corporate Pixel has the expertise and required website resources. We help you reach your business goals. We are experts in delivering business requirements as per the client’s budgets. Learn more about our email marketing services by contacting

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