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Millions of customers use WhatsApp daily to connect with others. Anyone can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store to communicate with friends, family, and businesses. It is a free reliable and easy-access application for everyone. That is why companies have started to play with it as a communication medium. It allows businesses to send marketing messages directly to customers, win their trust, and make them loyal to their brands.

WhatsApp marketing allows businesses to create and share their products and services directly through WhatsApp. Many companies use it for messaging over wi-fi, creating group chats, and marketing by brands. If a business solution provider supports your business with the technical integration of the WhatsApp Business platform, use the Embedded sign-up flow to create your WhatsApp Business account. WhatsApp is evolving, so you should have an engaging platform like WhatsApp.

This marketing has many more possibilities than just informing your customers about your business details. WhatsApp Flows makes it easy for your customers to get things done within WhatsApp. You can design and build various rich customer experiences using UI components embedded right in your conversations. WhatsApp has emerged as a new-generation marketing channel, with its popularity growing for brands to connect with customers. It is an effective tool for direct marketing and customer engagement. Brands are now leveraging the platform to reach their target audiences, provide customer support, and get creative with the WhatsApp Status feature. WhatsApp has become a valuable platform for brands to connect with their customers for direct marketing efforts. It is expected to continue growing in relevance as a marketing channel in the future. WhatsApp marketing boasts an open-rate personalization messaging option as well as a business conversion rate.

Importance of WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business

  1. Availability: WhatsApp connects with millions of people around the world. That is why a WhatsApp marketing campaign helps your business reach different kinds of people from geo-diverse areas. For that, your brand will get a vast reach.
  2. High Engagement Rates: A significant benefit of WhatsApp marketing is the high engagement rate. WhatsApp messages have an open rate of over 98%. This is much higher than email marketing. WhatsApp allows businesses to communicate with their customers directly and personally. 
  3. Secure, Fast, and Cost-effective: WhatsApp advertisement empowers companies to promptly respond to their customers. WhatsApp also has end-to-end encryption and authentication. This ensures the protection and privacy of all your conversations. Also, it offers businesses a powerful set of personalization options. For example, you can send special offers, tailored greetings, and welcome messages, congratulate them on their birthday, and much more.
  4. Personalization: WhatsApp marketing enables businesses to personalize their messages based on demographics, interests, and purchase history. This personalization leads to a 20% higher click-through rate compared to generic messages, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.
  5. Connection: WhatsApp marketing is not just about promotional messages. It's also about offering helpful tips, tutorials, and industry-related information. This support demonstrates understanding and empathy towards customers' concerns and challenges, strengthening the emotional connection.
  6. Business Account: To get started with WhatsApp marketing, brands first need to create a WhatsApp Business Account. WhatsApp allows you to make a profit by enabling a business account on WhatsApp. This is also similar to business profiles available on other messaging platforms and online listing directories.

Why Choose Ultra Corporate Pixel for WhatsApp Marketing Services?

  1. Business Platform: We provide the best consultation on the Business description. This is essential to an overview of your business that appears in the About section of a WhatsApp Business account. A well-crafted WhatsApp Business description can attract potential customers, provide important information about your business, and create a positive first impression. 
  2. Security: We provide security for your business platform by introducing WhatsApp security. This helps a bug-free WhatsApp account. This kind of marketing account with efficient security features promotes your business.
  3. Utilization of Features: WhatsApp features resemble the previous one at first sight, but there’s a difference between them. Unlike broadcast lists, group chats allow members to see each other and share their opinions with the whole group. So, group chats may come in handy if you want to encourage discussions between your customers. For instance, you may set up a group to warm up participants before some offline event or webinar.

Your Benefits from Our WhatsApp Marketing Services

  1. Social Media Posts That Lead to WhatsApp: A beauty company, for example, might create a Facebook post that encourages followers to ask the business’ experts their makeup and skincare questions and includes a link to WhatsApp.
  2. Ads that click to WhatsApp: These promotions appear on Instagram and Facebook and direct shoppers to WhatsApp conversations with your brand. Set up targeting for these ads to reach potential customers who match your ideal buyer profile. Learn more about engaging and nurturing leads with these promotions in this resource.
  3. Exit Intent Popups: Set these notifications up to increase WhatsApp sign-ups from people about to leave your website. The clothing company SNOCKS created an exit-intent popup that offered site visitors a discount if they opted in to WhatsApp communication. The brand grew its subscriber base to 100,000 people and generated over €1m in revenue from WhatsApp in less than a year.
  4. QR Codes on Brand Materials: We inform you that if you have a physical store, you consider directing leads and customers on WhatsApp through QR codes at your business location. Any supermarket franchise used store signs and receipts to show QR codes that led to WhatsApp chats with the brand. With this entry point, the brand has increased its marketing database by 70% through WhatsApp.
  5. Website Pages: Create a page with your WhatsApp number or a link to a chat so new leads and existing customers visiting your site can easily reach out. We suggest the clients share their WhatsApp business number on the website and other sites. This helps the web page to be listed on different business WhatsApp numbers. The engagement rate on WhatsApp is over 50%, so it’s a key channel for staying connected to customers. Pick the best way to start a chat with potential customers by learning more about WhatsApp entry points in this resource.

Our WhatsApp Marketing Service Processes

  1. Keep Customers Informed: We consult our clients about the status of the customer orders, then inform them through the WhatsApp marketing process. Right from order placement to order shipment, you will get all the details of payment and delivery on WhatsApp.
  2. Manage Customer Queries: We provide customers expect quick responses, every time that they reach out to your business. With WhatsApp, it’s possible to engage in direct two-way communication with customers and respond quickly to answer all their queries in real-time.
  3. Share Bulk Notifications: We use the WhatsApp Business platform to send out bulk WhatsApp marketing notifications. It also allows you to send personalized messages in the form of notifications. We keep alerting the clients to keep them informed on the go. This further enhances their experience with your business.
  4. Assign Conversations with Ease: WhatsApp marketing campaign is an instant messaging platform. And, customer support teams use it for internal communication. For instance, a customer wants to reach out to one of the agents and they are unable to resolve the issue. They can quickly reach out to another member of their team to tackle the query and resolve the customer’s issues at the earliest.
  5. Set Positive Proactive Reminders: Keep your brand at the top by reminding customers of upcoming renewals, special promotions, or relevant milestones like policy expirations. Use WhatsApp to nudge action at just the right moments.

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