Reels & Short Videos

Reels & short videos are 15 to 90-second vertical videos. Ultra Corporate Pixel creates them to explain your products in short. It does not disappear within 24 hours like stories. You can share it for future use with ease. Various influencers and companies use them to engage their followers/customers. 

We create reels by using video editing tools. We check seamless video transitions by editing video speed. Our reel creators do Instagram and Facebook reel marketing to increase internet traffic. We chose these two platforms as there are many users on them. This makes it easy to find your target customers.

The in-built timers within the reels help with the data you add for your customers. Instagram and Facebook have a library of music. You can choose your preferred music for your business promotion. We keep the low attention span factor in mind. So, Instagram and Facebook reels are useful to describe your product or service within 90 seconds.

Our team also provides short video marketing services. A short advertising video builds curiosity among the customers on a new product. You can use such videos to convey complex marketing messages only. 

Ultra Corporate Pixel is an expert company providing a wide range of services. These are content marketing, video marketingweb development, etc. We are also aware of the latest and most exciting trends. This makes our services helpful in marketing reel strategy. We also make short videos for your YouTube channel. It clears all doubts for your customers about your company. We highlight the importance of reels & short videos with practical digital solutions. 

Importance of Reels & Short Videos for Your Business

Here are reasons why reels & short videos are important for recent digital marketing scenarios:

  1. Competitive Edge: Instagram reels play a key role in overtaking your business rivals. Facebook reel marketing is also essential as Facebook is a popular platform. So, you can get potential customers from here. A short advertising video also helps raise your business image.
  2. Better Engagement: The customer engagement process on social media platforms is important to examine. So, reels & short videos help you engage with targeted customers. So, it's beneficial to market your services through this strategy. Our video creators use the Explore page during the process. The reel posting increases your potential customers’ viewing chances. A short video reaches a wider audience. It helps in capturing attention faster on your products.
  3. New Customer Base: Instagram and Facebook reel marketing are great strategies for attracting new followers. We use marketing reels to share user-generated content. This content displays new products or services of your company. The reels also help create a strong follower base. Our team knows how to work through social media algorithms for business purposes. You can track the number of search results on your website. Our short videos also turn the viewers into customers. This boosts your business with many benefits.
  4. Tracking of Business Success: Reels can also enable your business to keep track of your followers. Metrics like views, likes, comments, and shares measure the engagement.  This data is important for you to design future business strategies. Marketing reels provide opportunities for businesses to increase their social media engagement. A short advertising video describes your product details in under a minute. It lets the audience view the full message and not skip midway.
  5. Building Trust with Customers: Many brands have found that reel posting gives higher views and engagement rates. These short and engaging videos are the key aspects of social media promotion. The reels help you in audience engagement at a personal level. A YouTube short video with easy language helps you reach diverse audiences. 
  6. Creating Storylining Opportunities: A how-to reel helps in showcasing your business expertise. It helps in attracting new customers. We use reels & short videos for making your business storylines. It makes reaching information faster to target customers.

Your Benefits from Our Reels & Short Video Services

Some of the reels and short video services we provide are:

  1. Reel Creation: We specialize in designing marketing reels for your business. Our team of experts understands the importance of short videos. Our video content communicates your brand message in a powerful manner.
  2. Reel Editing: We examine your existing content with much care. Then, we design the reel or short videos. We make videos with a strong visual appeal. This attracts your target customers. Our skilled team knows many editing techniques. They also work with state-of-the-art editing tools. They use appealing captions, music, and images to draw customers.
  3. Reel Marketing: Our services focus on optimizing promotional content to maximize visibility. Our reel creators use hashtags relevant to your business. They also align the content based on your business needs. Then, we finalize the reel to go with. We also upload it on various social media platforms. We upload on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. 
  4. Short Video Creation: We also produce short videos for you to grow your business. Our team chooses the appropriate video template and sets the visuals. Then, we apply your brand color, logo, and audio script to customize it. 
  5. Short Video Editing: Our team uses Canva video editor to create short advertising videos.  We assemble all the footage applicable to your business and then refine it. After finalizing the video, we consult with you about your business needs. 
  6. Short Video Marketing: After finalizing the video, our team also creates a short video marketing campaign. We also schedule your video story focusing on the business needs. We manage the algorithm by assuming your customers’ viewing habits.

Our Reels & Short Video Service Processes

Our reels and short video services processes are:

  1. Understanding Business Goals: First of all, we understand your business goals and the target audience. We have an open discussion on your appropriate reel content. Then, we craft reels aligning with your brand’s identity. 
  2. Creation of Script: We are skilled in creating an appealing script for your promotional video.  Our reel and short video editors design the script in an arranged manner. We assure you that our script resonates with your audience. 
  3. Usage of Advanced Equipment: We use advanced types of equipment and software for editing a short video. Our team sets up audio, video, and images fitting to your business purpose. We make the short video to engage the customers in the long run. 
  4. Advanced Reel Editing: Our experienced reel editors edit a marketing reel with glowing visual effects. We also focus on reel-making optimization. This ensures a long-lasting impact on customers.
  5. Strategic Marketing Tactics: We use strategic marketing techniques after making the reels. Instagram and Facebook reel marketing help to make it come true. We conduct target advertising on these platforms to reach your customers.
  6. Comprehensive Reporting: We provide a comprehensive report on our marketing reels. We use metrics such as views, likes, reactions, and audience demographics.

Why Choose Ultra Corporate Pixel for Reels & Short Video Services?

You can trust us for the following reasons:

  1. Expertise: We have a group of seasoned professionals. We are up-to-date with modern marketing trends. We are experts in marketing reels and short video marketing. Our team creates them by mixing images and videos in a short duration. We explain your business objectives in brief. 
  2. Customized Solutions: Every business has unique business needs. Then, we focus on customized marketing reels. Our team focuses on your potential customer behavior while creating them. Our team tailors short video marketing services by studying your specific business goals. We create your reels & short videos to generate customer leads.
  3. Transparency: We communicate with you in a transparent manner. We do this to understand your website needs. Later, we ask for your feedback after fulfilling your needs. 
  4. Affordable Pricing: Our organization provides affordable pricing options to you. We deliver your preferred reel within your budget. 
  5. Healthy Track Record: We have a healthy track record of delivering your orders on time. Our team prepares your Instagram reels within the given deadline. 

Ultra Corporate Pixel gives high priority to reel marketing and short video marketing. A 45 to 90-second reel is crucial for business enhancement. We deliver our services with utmost care to you within budget. Please contact for our reel editing and short video services.

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